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How to Spend More Time with Your Family This Summer (Even When You’re Fantastically Busy)

[Editor’s note: following is a guest post by Laura Stack]

Why are you working so hard?

If you’re like most of us, family is one of the biggest reasons: you want to provide a good life for the people you love. Which makes it all very ironic, since working long hours keeps you away from your family…the very people you’re working so hard to provide for. It’s a vicious circle.

Remember that old song “Cat’s in the Cradle,” where the busy father missed out on his son growing up because he was too busy working…only to have the tables turned when he retired? It’s not just a song. Things like that happen every day in the real world.

The lesson here? Just this: the best thing you can spend on the people you love is time. Read the rest of this entry


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