5 Father’s Day Gift Suggestions for “Real Dads”

As much as we like to think it’s just another day, Father’s Day is one of those days where we, as Mom, are often not sure what exactly to do.

Is it a day for Dad to go golf or to the gym or whatever he does to hang out with his guy friends or is it a day to be with the kids and do “Dad stuff?”

First recognized over 4,000 years ago, the special day for Dad in the US was set in 1972 when President Nixon proclaimed the third Sunday in June as the official Father’s Day celebration. And since that day, and likely for centuries prior, Dads have been getting ugly ties and power tools instead of things they really want. That is, until now! Read the rest of this entry

A DIY Father’s Day Surprise: Rosemary Roasted Nuts

We don’t overdo it on holidays, and so Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are usually left to the kids to express their love in a card.

Still, I try to make sure that my husband and my father both know that we are thinking about them and appreciate them being in our lives by sharing a sweet sentiment and perhaps a few spicy nuts.

These rosemary spiced nuts are the ticket. There is plenty of complexity in this crunchy nut, kick of spice and just a tad bit of sweet hidden under all of it. Plus they’re great for fathers who live across country because they’ll ship well. Read the rest of this entry

4 Tricks for Organized and Disciplined Kids This Summer

Remember those first days back to school when the kids came home and, with purpose, gently put their backpack in its place?

Oh, what memories! As school winds down, the backpack is flung to corners near and far as soon as they walk in the door. We’re flipping through papers looking for a last form that needs to be returned or library books that have mysteriously disappeared. And we’re tired and grumpy and we’ve had enough!

When it comes to summer, we have a sense that it’s just going to be more of the same unless we put an end to the chaos pretty quickly. Read the rest of this entry

2 Fun Summer Recipes Your Kids Can Prepare and Enjoy

With summer break approaching, I’m starting to make the to-do lists for summer activities, thinking up things my kids can actively participate in during the hot summer days that will keep them going and not sitting bored on the couch.

One way I do this is helping them to create and keep their interest in the kitchen.

I want to actively have my kids involved in what they are eating so they start learning the relationship between food and energy for their bodies, not just food for pleasure. Read the rest of this entry

How To Get Started Planning Family Activities Into Your Summer

When we talk about summer we often focus on family vacations and camp. Around the country kids are out from school at different times and for various lengths of time. Even those who homeschool year ‘round often take a break. But with the kids going here and there or hanging out with their friends there’s often a lack of family time. Read the rest of this entry

Make Sure Your Grill is BBQ Ready!

As I type this my husband is busy putting together the final pieces of an outdoor patio set for our new patio and pergola. Finally, after years of planning, we’ll be able to dine outside on more than just a blanket in the grass. There is much rejoicing going on.

Considering we’ll be spending a fair deal of time eating outside, it only makes sense that we would also do the cooking outside as well. Grilling season, here we come. But not before we give our grill a bit of a once-over and make sure it’s ready to perform. Read the rest of this entry

Vacation? How about a MOMcation!

With summer coming up, the focus often turns to the family vacation. Whether it’s already planned or we’re hoping for great last minute deals on airfare or hotel, with few precious weeks of no homework and guaranteed sunshine we’re focused on the family. As a mom, that’s part of our role.

Recently, though, I’ve had discussions with friends online and in real life about what I call the MOMcation. My first exposure to the MOMcation was about 35 years ago when my mom had ‘some meetings’ to attend. She never traveled for her work. And while she volunteered and was on the board of several organizations, national conventions back then weren’t as common as they are now. This was especially true for the working mom. Read the rest of this entry

Win a National Geographic Book Set for Your Family!

[Note: contest is closed — thank you all for your participation!]

Enough Time Moms has teamed up with National Geographic Books to bring you an exciting giveaway!  Just visit our Facebook page this week and click on the “Book Set Giveaway!” icon to enter for your chance to win this incredible set of seven books including both Mother’s Love and Love You Dad by author Melina Bellows!

Two winners will be selected on May 21, 2012 to receive a family collection of National Geographic books for Moms, Dads, and kids! (Retail value of $75.00!) Read the rest of this entry

Summertime Strawberry Snacks

Strawberry season marks the true beginning of summer in our neck of the woods. Coming yearly just as school is letting out and the summer is languishing before us, stretching out as if it will never end and pregnant with possibility, I love the sight of berries at the market.

While my kids could eat bowls of strawberries by their lonesome, and often do, here are a few of our favorite alternative methods to just popping them in our mouths. Perfect for parties, picnics, or just a summer evening dinner with your family, eaten as the sun is setting. Read the rest of this entry

Family Vacation Planning Tips

The talk these days is about how to get ready for summer vacation. With enrichment programs, camps, family travel it’s a lot jammed in to a few short months. And while many of us have the kids signed up for a few camps, a family vacation may also be on the summer agenda. Or maybe you’re like me and refuse to travel in the summer, when crowds are at their peak. Read the rest of this entry


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