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Where are the swim goggles? Did you remember the sun block? What’s your trick for getting out the door during your summer break?
Over at the Day-Timer Blog you will find a helpful blueprint for the old “pack-and-go” drill.
Four steps outline your secret to success.
Please comment and share how you stay in control of this stressful time.

Day-Timer Blog

I joined my wife last weekend in what became a scramble to get out the door for a family pool day. Missing items, forgotten tasks, lost swim goggles — it was an experience filled with stress and one clearly needing organization.

It’s ironic how a relaxing day had the origins of chaos. But, like most parents, we tend to organize our work lives much better than we do our family lives.

So, in the wake of my hectic experience, I sat down with my planner and created a family vacation PAGO (pack and go) plan.

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2 Fun Summer Recipes Your Kids Can Prepare and Enjoy

With summer break approaching, I’m starting to make the to-do lists for summer activities, thinking up things my kids can actively participate in during the hot summer days that will keep them going and not sitting bored on the couch.

One way I do this is helping them to create and keep their interest in the kitchen.

I want to actively have my kids involved in what they are eating so they start learning the relationship between food and energy for their bodies, not just food for pleasure. Read the rest of this entry

Reader Poll: What topics are you most interested in?

“Enough Time” was created by Day-Timer to be resource for busy Moms to learn and share techniques to tame even the craziest family schedules.  So far, we’ve provided helpful tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals, save time and money, stick to budgets, stay healthy, be more organized, and even enjoying a little “me time”. 

Because we’d like to continue covering topics that are important to you, we’re asking for your feedback!  Please consider this an invitation to tell us what what’s matters most and what topics interest you as parents and as individuals.  We’d also like to know if there are any topics that don’t interest you.

Want more money saving tips?  Work-life balance?  Would you like more advice on how to manage your family’s schedule?  How about more time-saving tricks for the kitchen? Please share your ideas with us by commenting below.

Reader Poll: What topics would you like to read about on the Enough Time Blog?

“Enough Time” was created by Day-Timer as a resource for busy Moms to learn and share techniques to tame even the craziest family schedule.  Over the past 6 months, we’ve brought you helpful tips and advice on achieving goals, saving time, sticking to budgets, staying healthy, running the household, being more organized, and even how to get some much-desired “me time”.  Read the rest of this entry

Prioritizing: Three Magical Questions

As a junior in high school, my father “strongly suggested” I take a typing class. Back then, learning to type was low on my personal priority list yet years later, I’m grateful for Dad’s ability to predict the future and identify this indispensable skill.  “It’s practical, Stacey, and we all need to learn practical skills.”  Enter the skill of Prioritizing. Read the rest of this entry

Stay Involved in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be coming to an end, but we at Enough Time Moms and Day-Timer offer you ways to stay involved, and urge you to do so! Read the rest of this entry

Special Giveaway for Mom

We think Mom deserves something special during Back-to-School time so we’re hosting a sweepstakes on our Facebook page through August 31, 2011.  One lucky winner (U.S. residents only) will take home Day-Timer’s most popular bag, the limited edition pink pebble-grain leather Malibu Tote, which retails for $99.99!

It’s so easy to enter.  Just visit our Facebook page and fill out the quick entry form.  And, while you’re there, we’d love it if you’d “Like” our page and join other busy Moms just like you as we all share time-saving tips and ideas.

Although only one person will win, we do have something for everyone.  Get your free copy of Paula Rizzo’s e-book, The Top Ten Lists Every Mom Needs, on our Facebook page under the “Free e-book” link on the left side of the page.  Enjoy!

We’re at BlogHer ’11

Today, thousands of women from all over the world will descend on San Diego, California for BlogHer 2011, one of the largest conferences in the world devoted to the business and art of blogging. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to Enough Time

“Enough Time” is the blog created by Day-Timer for busy Moms to learn and share techniques to tame even the craziest family schedule. It seems that there’s never enough time in the day for Moms to get everything done, but that’s simply not true! Invest a few minutes in yourself and reap the rewards of a more organized, less stressed, happier family life.


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