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How To Get Started Planning Family Activities Into Your Summer

When we talk about summer we often focus on family vacations and camp. Around the country kids are out from school at different times and for various lengths of time. Even those who homeschool year ‘round often take a break. But with the kids going here and there or hanging out with their friends there’s often a lack of family time. Read the rest of this entry

Summertime Strawberry Snacks

Strawberry season marks the true beginning of summer in our neck of the woods. Coming yearly just as school is letting out and the summer is languishing before us, stretching out as if it will never end and pregnant with possibility, I love the sight of berries at the market.

While my kids could eat bowls of strawberries by their lonesome, and often do, here are a few of our favorite alternative methods to just popping them in our mouths. Perfect for parties, picnics, or just a summer evening dinner with your family, eaten as the sun is setting. Read the rest of this entry

Finding Work-Life Balance Outdoors

Like zen rocks stacked one atop another, life is about balance.  Too much work and we burn out.  Too much play and we may not be fulfilled.  Downtime at home is needed, as is dedicated time with family, friends and even being alone by ourselves.

As the days get longer and warmer, it seems as if the outdoors beckons us to come breathe in the fresh air and feel the warmth on our skin. Read the rest of this entry

Reader Poll: What topics are you most interested in?

“Enough Time” was created by Day-Timer to be resource for busy Moms to learn and share techniques to tame even the craziest family schedules.  So far, we’ve provided helpful tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals, save time and money, stick to budgets, stay healthy, be more organized, and even enjoying a little “me time”. 

Because we’d like to continue covering topics that are important to you, we’re asking for your feedback!  Please consider this an invitation to tell us what what’s matters most and what topics interest you as parents and as individuals.  We’d also like to know if there are any topics that don’t interest you.

Want more money saving tips?  Work-life balance?  Would you like more advice on how to manage your family’s schedule?  How about more time-saving tricks for the kitchen? Please share your ideas with us by commenting below.

Holiday Peace and Quiet

The holiday season often brings a great deal of stress along with the excitement.  Although my family and I celebrate Hanukkah, I often have Christmas festivities and celebrations on my calendar.  From latke parties, gift shopping, cookie exchanges, teacher gifts, community and business events, sometimes it’s difficult to find the joy. Read the rest of this entry

Busy Mom Saved By the Books

Photo by Wyoming_JackrabbitAs a mom of two teens, a wife and a small business owner, my life is always hectic.  Like most of you, I often struggle with keeping my priorities and goals on track.  There is always some guilt to go around for something I did not do or did not do as well as I could have.  This year in particular things seem to be speeding more than usual and I was feeling exhausted and stressed.  By mid-year, I knew it was time to make some changes. Read the rest of this entry

Taking a Mental Break | Putting Yourself on Your Own Schedule

We all need to clear our heads sometimes (some of us more than others!), whether we are stressed about work, the household, family members, or just life in general.  Nobody should ever have to feel guilty about being overwhelmed – it is part of life.  But what can we do when we just need a break? Read the rest of this entry

A Little Self-Indulgence is OK

I have a friend who takes a bubble bath almost every night.  I know this because if I call her in the evening and we’re on the phone around 9pm she politely ends the call, and with a little excitement in her voice says it’s time for her bubbly.  At first I thought it was weird that she was telling me she’s going to drink champagne.  But over time I’ve come to learn that her little indulgence is a nightly bubble bath. Read the rest of this entry

Re-Energize: Scheduling Me Time Can Make You A Better Mom

A few weeks ago I got up on Saturday morning to find that my husband had made our daughter breakfast, the laundry had been sorted and a load was in the washer, and a smoothie was waiting for me when I walked into the kitchen.  And as uncommon as this may sound, it’s rather typical of my husband.  What followed was even more typical of him.  He had arranged for me to go out with a friend and just chill and catch up.  He had everything under control! Read the rest of this entry

Pursuing Your Goals Through Daily Routines

There are few human behaviors that begin the day that we’re born and continue throughout our lives.  Pursuing goals is one of them.

But, pursuing your goals doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem.  By simply using daily routines, falling short of your dreams can become a thing of the past. Read the rest of this entry


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