How to Avoid the Morning Chaos

Mornings around here are pretty crazy.  I get a little knot in my stomach when I first wake up on weekday mornings, as I know what is in store for me.  Rushing, reminding, and stress – this is how our day starts.  Oh yes, and the agitation, as we all try to complete the same goal – getting out the door with the needed items for the day.  It’s a terrible feeling when I realize that someone has left their lunch or homework on the counter.

Over the years though, I have found some solutions that make mornings much easier, and that allow all of us to start the day on the right foot.

The night before – it is your friend.  Take advantage of this time to make sure lunches are made, clothes are laid out, homework is finished and placed in the appropriate backpack.  You can even get cereal bowls, spoons and cereal out, so all that is needed for breakfast is milk.  Doing all of these things the night before will save precious minutes in the morning.

For small children – each weekend, place a weeks worth of outfits in gallon size Ziplock bags.  Each bag should have the day of the week clearly written on it and inside will be pants, a shirt, underwear and socks.  This method helped me immensely when my kids were little.  I wasn’t scrambling around looking for clothes at the last minute, and they were able to dress themselves by simply putting on the contents of that day’s bag.  Major time saver!

What tips do you have for avoiding the morning stress?

[photo by Sean MacEntee]

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jennifer Regan, author of the Eighty MPH Mom blog and The Speedy Gourmet blog.

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  1. We do the same things in our house. I tell our kids what Benjerman Franklin said, “Nerver leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”


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