6 Ways to Beat the Overbooked Blues

Overbooked again?  We all know it.  And there are certain times of the year we’re more prone to it.

No matter how large or small your family, or the age of the kids, Mom is, ultimately, the keeper of the calendar.  Teens often take responsibility for their own schedule, but Mom still needs to know their schedules.

But with only 24-hours in a day, how do we wrestle ourselves free of seeing ourselves overbooked …again.

6 Ways to Beat the Overbooked Blues

  1. Have one central calendar – By having a large calendar on the inside of the pantry I’ve always made sure my family knew what everyone else was doing.  Everyone who can schedule their own activities can have access and it becomes their responsibility to contribute.
  1. Plan ahead and block out times – Take time to mark out when no other obligations can be scheduled.  Whether paper or online, physically block out time for things like dinner, religious event and visits to grandma.
  1. Update immediately and frequently – As soon as the school calendar comes home put everything on the calendar.  Note all work holidays, doctor appointments, book clubs, recitals, etc.
  1. Empower others – Give everyone who needs it access to the calendar.  With many online calendars you can restrict it to ‘view only’, so even if you don’t want the kids adding to it, if they’re online let them see it.
  1. Share responsibility – Mom is the CEO and does not need to be the sole owner of the calendar.  If the calendar management can be delegated or shared it should be.
  1. Retain VETO control – Even though everyone gets input and can add their activities, Mom (and Dad) have the ultimate authority to say ‘no’ when things get overbooked.  It’s not easy, but some events and obligations do have priority.

Life gets busy, but it can be managed (without losing your mind!).

Editor’s note: This post was written by Sara Hawkins, author of the Saving for Someday blog.

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