Your Child Doesn’t Like His New Teacher | Now What?

One of the most worrisome things for parents when school starts is wondering whether or not your child will like his or her teacher.  I was always anxious to hear about the new teacher after the first day of school, and I crossed my fingers that things went well and they love their new teacher!

Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  More than once, I have had one of my children hop in the car only to say, “I don’t like my teacher”.   My heart sinks a little, as I know how this feels (there were a few teachers I had as a child that made me dread the entire school year).

What is a parent to do when they hear those words?  I believe in giving the relationship between a child and his/her teacher a chance to form (a week or two). I don’t believe that a teacher’s personality can really shine through (good or bad) for a few days, and definitely not after only one day.

Give it time:

I would tell my child to give their teacher a fair chance, and to see how it goes for a few more days.  If two weeks passed and my child was still upset, I moved on to the next step.  I would hate to get too far into the school year, with a teacher that may not be best suited for my child.

Take action:

My next step would be to meet the teacher myself.  Sitting down and talking with a teacher can give you a better idea of their style and personality. If I didn’t feel comfortable and agreed with my child, I would put in a request with the principal to have my child moved to a more fitting teacher. Kids do learn much better when they are content with a teacher best suited for them.

Have you ever had to switch teachers for your child? How did you go about it?

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jennifer Regan, author of the Eighty MPH Mom blog and The Speedy Gourmet blog.

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