DIY Valentine’s Day School Lunch Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and while I don’t do anything particularly celebratory with my husband, I do like to give my kids a little something to show them that I’m thinking about them as they head off to school.

I pack my kids’ school lunches every day, and so it is the perfect place to give them a little something special to open.  I try to keep the treats simple, so I’m not toiling away in the kitchen all over a school lunch, but here are a few easy treats to throw together that take almost no extra time at all, and your kids will have a lunch that brings a smile to their face.

Apple hearts:  Slice an apple into circle discs and use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the core out into hearts.  Pack in their lunch box for a special surprise.

Xs and Os:  Pretzel sticks make the Xs, held together with a dab of melted chocolate that has set, and grapes make the Os.

A Special Sandwich:  Use a large cookie cutter to cut a sandwich heart, or make biscuits for lunch and cut them into hearts before baking.

A jar of hugs and kisses:  I generally don’t pack sweets in the kids’ lunches, but what better day to give them something extra for being so sweet themselves?

Rice Krispies Treats hearts:  Rice Krispies Treats are an easy one to shape and mold into something special.  Make a heart or just mix in a few Valentine’s candies in the bar form to create a holiday treat.

Do you do anything special for your kids on Valentine’s Day?

Editor’s note: This post was written by Shaina Olmanson, author of the Food for My Family blog.

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