7 Quick Tips for a More Organized Kitchen

When I first set up my kitchen, I kicked everyone out who was helping us move.

I knew that where the items ended up would make a huge difference in terms of my everyday sanity.

If the things I used most weren’t in easy-to-reach areas, I could be frustrated just trying to make a one-pot dinner for my family.

Here’s how I did it.

Kitchen Tool Organization:

When you plan where to store items in your kitchen, consider what you’ll be using them for and how often you’re using them.

  • I keep a smaller container of spatulas, wood spoons and pasta forks near my stove that are accessible just by reaching over to them.
  • The items that I don’t use as often – vegetable peeler, pastry roller – are kept in my utensil drawer.  I likely won’t need those items at a moment’s notice.
  • Other things to keep at arm’s length include hot pads, towels to wipe spills and salt and pepper for last-minute seasoning.

When deciding where to store pans, kitchen appliances and dishes in your kitchen, be sure you think about:

  • Proximity to the dishwasher
  • Access for small hands and ability to reach those cupboards with the dishwasher open
  • Putting dishes in a spot where they can be easily accessed by those family members setting the table while I finish cooking
  • Making sure it’s easy for to go directly from the dishwasher or sink and into the cupboard for efficiency in cleaning up

These are only a few ways I set my kitchen up to run more efficiently.  Do you have other things you do to keep you organized in the kitchen and save time?

 [photo by ohsojolly!]

Editor’s note: This post was written by Shaina Olmanson, author of the Food for My Family blog.

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