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Where are the swim goggles? Did you remember the sun block? What’s your trick for getting out the door during your summer break?
Over at the Day-Timer Blog you will find a helpful blueprint for the old “pack-and-go” drill.
Four steps outline your secret to success.
Please comment and share how you stay in control of this stressful time.

Originally posted on Day-Timer:

I joined my wife last weekend in what became a scramble to get out the door for a family pool day. Missing items, forgotten tasks, lost swim goggles — it was an experience filled with stress and one clearly needing organization.

It’s ironic how a relaxing day had the origins of chaos. But, like most parents, we tend to organize our work lives much better than we do our family lives.

So, in the wake of my hectic experience, I sat down with my planner and created a family vacation PAGO (pack and go) plan.

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