Vacation? How about a MOMcation!

With summer coming up, the focus often turns to the family vacation. Whether it’s already planned or we’re hoping for great last minute deals on airfare or hotel, with few precious weeks of no homework and guaranteed sunshine we’re focused on the family. As a mom, that’s part of our role.

Recently, though, I’ve had discussions with friends online and in real life about what I call the MOMcation. My first exposure to the MOMcation was about 35 years ago when my mom had ‘some meetings’ to attend. She never traveled for her work. And while she volunteered and was on the board of several organizations, national conventions back then weren’t as common as they are now. This was especially true for the working mom.

As an adult, when I realized what my mom was really doing I just made up the word MOMcation. A MOMcation is when a mom, usually by herself, goes to a local hotel to have peace and quiet. With the bathroom no longer a sacred, there are very few places for mom to go and not have to think about or do for anyone else.

As more moms take on work, whether paid or volunteer, in the home or away, they’re finding less and less time to do everything. The email inbox fills up, the works that needs to be done begins to mock us every time we sit at the computer trying to find just the right website to help our child with their homework and the feeling that there might not be enough time begins to overwhelm even the most efficient mom.

So when I got a text from a friend telling me she’s at a local hotel, incase there is some sort of emergency and I really needed to reach her, I thought maybe she and her husband were having a little getaway. After a few more messages, I sent her a message that said “Enjoy your MOMcation!” She sent back “That sounds so much better than running away from my kids! HAHAHA”

There are times when we need to be alone. Girls night out is always fun and a great opportunity to reconnect with the amazing women in our lives. But often we go out knowing we’ll have to stay up late to complete work, reply to emails or even finish reading for the book club we adore.

As my friend wondered if maybe she was being selfish, I reassured her that there’s nothing wrong with being alone, away from the kids and her husband. And while there’s something great about having a spa day with the girls or doing a girls’ getaway, there are times we really just need time to wipe everything off the To-Do list and refresh.

Moms are not an Etch-A-Sketch. No matter how much we move around we never end up with a clean slate. It’s only when we are still, quiet, focused and alone that we can then stand up, flip our hair back, open our eyes and begin with a fresh slate. If that means holing up in a hotel for 24 hours the so be it. We’ll be better for it. Our family will be better for it. Everyone will be better for it!

Have you ever had a MOMcation?  Would you consider a MOMcation?

Editor’s note: This post was written by Sara Hawkins, author of the Saving for Someday blog.

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  1. I love this idea of a MOMcation. Women are especially reluctant to take time for themselves, and this is a great idea for them to be able to do just that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I take one often. Whether it’s a long weekend getaway with a girlfriend or a quick trip to my sister’s place in New Orleans. I have a weekend in Santa Barbara with a friend already planned in two weeks. I like to call it an Attitude Adjustment Weekend. (So does my husband). I think it’s important to take care of yourself and do something you really like. Moms spend so much time thinking of others, right? I love the name Momcation!


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