At-Home Stress Remedies Found in Your Kitchen

I’ve been a bit of a loose cannon lately.  My kids are running circles around me, and it’s all I can do to keep up with who is coming and who’s going, not to mention who needs to be where at what time with what snack, form filled out or specialty clothing cleaned and ready to wear.

Add to that my own insane work schedule and a bit of work travel, and I have a recipe for disaster.  Some days I wake up just 3 hours after my head finds the pillow, and stress, my friends, is at an all-time high.

Still, I try to find ways to de-stress in the middle of my work week, to take a deep breath, calm myself and make sure I have my priorities in order.  Here are 3 easy things you can do to help de-stress your day in just a matter of minutes just by changing what you snack on and eat throughout the day.

Tea with lemon juice: The addition of lemon juice strengthens capillaries. Choose a decaffeinated tea to help prevent dehydration.

Raw Garlic: Foods with raw garlic can help slow your pulse, which increases naturally with stress and anxiety.  Try a cold pasta salad with raw garlic for lunch, just be sure to pack the gum and breath mints, too.

Bananas: A banana a day keeps the stress away.  Potassium and calcium are good components for a healthy vascular system by helping to rid the body of salt.

What healthy food and beverages help you relax and tame the stress in your life?

Editor’s note: This post was written by 
Shaina Olmanson, author of the Food for My Family blog.

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  1. The truth of it is that healthy cooking techniques need to satisfy simply THREE basic and simple criteria the food you eat should not have excess amount of fat and salt i.e. should not be loaded with calories, it should retain their nutrients i.e. it should not be empty calories and more importantly, it should taste good.
    excellent Info, Terrific to find another \’foodie\’


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